2019 Bookings have Begun

So Far: Thank you Nullawarre and Corio for confirming that AE WILL be part of your program during the Victorian School Readiness Program Drive. I am so honoured and can not begin to articulate the joy that fills me knowing my purpose has a place. Keep Dancing read more →

Believe It!!!!

AE is way passionate about this task!!! The children’s ideas are influenced by many contexts and environments which they are exposed to deliberately and unintentionally. Role play, upbeat dance, unfamiliar music, dressing up in exotic costumes and listening to stories in a different language WILL assist in the following:  Belonging Being Becoming. As they.. read more →

AE is a School Readiness Facilitator

Isn’t it funny that what you’ve always been doing, are doing and will continue to do presents itself under a variety of titles? THROUGH MUSIC, ROLE-PLAY, EXPLORING ARTEFACTS & DANCE AFRICAN EXPERIENCE SUPPORTS SCHOOL READINESS PROGRAMS AND THE EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK BY: *Supporting intercultural practices by contributing to the diverse nature of Australia and.. read more →

Video Feedback

AE now takes video feedback as one of their improvement strategies. City Corio Kinder in Geelong initiated the drive with Sharon speaking out on behalf of their staff and children at Corio. I look forward to all your constructive feedback. read more →

Trip to Zimbabwe

It’s a pity I could only carry so much artifacts!!! I can’t wait for the children to explore the resources!!! read more →

We Are The Champions My friends!!!

Let’s Dance!!! I look forward to all your bookings and next years are in progress. read more →

Extending Their Worlds

Dear Educators   Now that you have been granted funding for the school readiness program, let AE be part of the menu for the expansion of the children’s exposure into other worlds. I am glad to be of service. read more →

Masters Aftermath

So what now? Purpose can be a tricky thing to interpret as one morning I wake up knowing and then I am driven to meet targets then I meet them with a LOT of stumbling and falling then what next? As a friend once said, ” I might have to kiss a few frogs…” That.. read more →

July and August

I realise that I have not updated the news post for a while.July was all about the nail bitting finale of my Masters and then upon passing I traveled with my family to Queensland to receive as encouraged by a special lady called Auctavia (“Enda unotora bepa rako”) She said,”Go get your results.” She encouraged.. read more →

Thank you Kings College Kindergarten

I have managed to post the pictures in the gallery. I certainly hope these speak for themselves in addition to the video and review on AE’s facebook page. read more →