Happy New Year!!!!

Here is to a MIND BOGGINGLY SPECTACULAR Year!!!! I believe it with ALL my Heart, now let’s DANCE!!!! read more →

Picture Updates

I have finally managed to take time out and move some of the pictures and videos from AE’s facebook page to the website. As I go through them there’s a genuine welling up of PURE JOY from mine innermost parts. I can not explain it it’s that sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming. I am.. read more →

August Recap

It’s been a while!!!! First of all…I will announce that I have completed Semester 2 (based on my assignment submissions). I handed my last assignment in yesterday and I am glad. I can’t believe that it’s November already and I haven’t shared my NSW travels. It always amazes me that the workshops go so well.. read more →

Next 3 weeks

Starting from the 01/08/2017 till 22/08/2017 It will be very busy. I look forward to the experience and I pray everything runs as it should in an evolving and flexible way (early childhood style!!!). I will be updating on the AE facebook page. I look forward to sharing pictures and feedback from the children. I.. read more →


It’s amazing and so refreshing to meet educators that are not only open minded but open hearted. Thank you Nullawarre for your embrace of AE and for inviting me again to explore food. Yummmm. Above all for making this workshop part of your marketing agenda!!! God Bless you. read more →

Baby Bird!!!

Thank you sooo much Justine and Eb for having me at your Cafe as a fun activity for children. The last time I facilitated for babies (9 months to 16) was in 2012 in NSW Newcastle at Mulberry Cottage Nursery. I am still taken aback by the way the session suits the different ages and.. read more →

SPIKIT Book!!!

The supplement for the app is out. Ignite Shona in your homes #bilingualpush #multilinguism #spikit #supportindigenouslanguages. Amazon.com read more →

NSW !!!!!!Oi Oi Oi!!!!

SOOOOOO excited!!!! The tour schedule is almost chockablock. I am so excited to work with NSW again this year as much as I would like to pretend of all my experience with AE in OZ regional NSW takes the trophy. You are all like family to me and I look forward to doing my part.. read more →

Happy 10th Birthday!!!!! AE

All started in the UK 10 years ago May 17th 2010. The passion for AE was strong then and it still is if not more. Thank you so much for the support!!! read more →

Almost There!!

I have almost completed my Semester 1. A quick note to reassure you of AEs activities. After June the 2nd 2017 there will be more engagement, on the website level. Impromptu updates are on the Facebook page. Thank you for your support. read more →