Honeybee Warners Bay

Ok so your children are so highly disciplined it’s out of this world. I turned around and wanted to say, “Ok friends let’s sit down” and there they were already seated and ready to do the next activity!!!!! Kudos….and this is our 5th year working together… May there be many more. Thank you Mel and.. read more →

Boolaroo Team

Well…. What may I say….You guys have amazed me and continue to amaze me…You EVOLVE…You take the AE joy and Make it your OWN….Now you are buying print materiel to make your own costumes!!!! Who does that!!!! Boolaroo Spear point Kinder Does…So proud of your team Rob..I am in awe of the embrace…In absolute amazement.. read more →

Wee Waa Preschool

You guys are a joy and Carol saying I needn’t ask to come in but just let you know when I have booked you in makes me feel needed and in place. I really appreciate you allowing me to be part of your yearly program. Thank you Love Teremayi. read more →


Okay so I worked with Goodstart in Moree. Moree Preschool, Gwydir Daycare and Preschool….An Absolute Pleasure and honour!!!! the feedback was breath taking and absolutely delightful. See you next year. Thank you from Teremayi read more →


My family started off life in Gunnedah in 2009 and I passed through as I drove to Narrabri. I couldn’t stop as I am working on a schedule but I reaallyyyyy wanted to. So many memories…ying and yang hahahahahaha. Love you Gunnedah will ALWAYS appreciate you Koala Capital of Australia. read more →

Aberglasslyn Storyhouse

HVA Academy is now Storyhouse. I absolutely enjoyed that the prekinder friends joined us this time. The children got stuck in the artifacts without my prompting!!! Thank you for the joy second time around. Love Teremayi read more →

Blackheath Kookaburra Kinder

So still on the road and I got to meet Kerrie FINALLY!!! after having to reschedule their Dec 2018 PAID session. Such a pleasure!!! One child told me that he didn’t want me to go,another said ,’I like you!” and I was told, ‘see you later alligator’. One of my very best days. I just.. read more →

Greenwood Katoomba

Thank You!!!! You are ALL appreciated, it was such a great pleasure. read more →

Possibility of Snow!!!!!

Well Katoomba AE is back!!!! So beautiful driving up the blue mountains with such breathtaking views, I wish I wasn’t the one driving so I could take the pictures of the view. Looking forward to the sessions can’t believe that some of these bookings were made last year in December 2018!!! Its all a dream.. read more →

Showgrounds Children’s Centre

The long drive was well worth it!!! I am one of the most privileged people on the planet EARTH. Thank you Belinda and team for trusting me enough to come in and work with your extraodinary children. I can’t express the amount of gratitude and joy I have when you say come in and do.. read more →