Possibility of Snow!!!!!

Well Katoomba AE is back!!!! So beautiful driving up the blue mountains with such breathtaking views, I wish I wasn’t the one driving so I could take the pictures of the view. Looking forward to the sessions can’t believe that some of these bookings were made last year in December 2018!!! Its all a dream.. read more →

Showgrounds Children’s Centre

The long drive was well worth it!!! I am one of the most privileged people on the planet EARTH. Thank you Belinda and team for trusting me enough to come in and work with your extraodinary children. I can’t express the amount of gratitude and joy I have when you say come in and do.. read more →

Last Week of Term 3

Yeahy!!!!!! After 4 weeks in NSW (July/Aug) AE will be flying out to the NT again as promised!!!! Soooo EXCITED!!!! Can’t wait to see you All. I look forward to adding to your childrens’ learning stories in their portfolios. Love Teremayi read more →

South Australia

Yesterday AE had the pleasure of working with Acacia Kindergarten and it was such an honour. I drove out making sure that I was an hour early, who knew that when I had crossed the SA border I would get 30 extra minutes. So I was 1 and a half hours early. It was a.. read more →

Still Open

Metropolitan NSW areas still have sessions available and I look forward to filling these up. These are from Monday 24 June 2019 until Friday 05 July 2019. Thank you. Love Teremayi read more →

Regional NSW Sessions Complete

These are from Monday 22 July 2019 to Friday 02 August 2019. Thank you sooo much for you support. The sessions are fully booked. read more →


Well I have only heard about Flemmington during the Melbourne Cup Races and now I get to visit Showground CCC for a couple of sessions. Watch this space. Yes I am screaming with joy!!! I can’t wait to ululate with the children (Huge grin on my face). read more →

Mt Gambia Debut!!!

Arrrghhhh!!! So excited my very first session in South Australia. Acacia Kindy I am stoked and can’t wait to have a joy filled session with you ALL. Grateful Teremayi read more →

Timboon Children’s Centre

Ok so this group had children with ages from 1 to 5 and I have absolutely NO idea how the session flowed BEAUTIFULLY. You wouldn’t have known that there was such a huge range in age. The educators OBVIOUSLY have great rapport with the children and the team work impeccable. I am ever so excited.. read more →


Sharron and Claire!!! WORDS FAIL ME every year I visit and every year I find greater joy working with you All. You guys role play, dance, explore artifacts and recently drumming. You also share a traditional Zimbabwean meal with me where the children become little chefs. Can’t wait for term 3 for Sadza, Spinach and.. read more →