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March 28 Geelong Babe!!!

This is what I wrote the day before the session. Yes it’s early…I’m up I’m nervous 😬 at least 35 pairs of eyes 👀, 70 arms 350 Holy fingers, 350 toes waiting for my lead. The Gravity of the task seems quite simple yet… I trust You God. So excited Claira, your trust is well founded. THANK YOU 😊.. read more →

Why I dance with children…

So I dance 💃🏽 because I’m happy….I dance 💃🏽 because I’m free…His eye is on the sparrow…and I know He watches me…I dance 💃🏽 because I’m happy I dance because I am free. Thank you Mum for nurturing my passion to dance 💃🏽   read more →

Katherine East Childcare Centre NT

Onsite activities rarely occur out in the outback NT so the director was glad to have me and would love to have me back next year hopefully even the surrounding centres will have a go. I got awesome feedback and the children didn’t want me to leave….I really felt the love and enjoyed the session… read more →

Cyclone Marcus

Time for an update!!! It’s been a while and I apologise for the late update. I do most of the updates and picture uploads on my facebook page, so please do refer to it. I wrote this in my room in Darwin NT: As I watch the palm tree 🌴 leaves dance to the rhythm of cyclone.. read more →

Northern Territory

I look forward to exploring Darwin ….dance we shall read more →


So it came a time when I finally had the guts to open myself up to Warrnambool and see if anyone would engage with me on a larger scale community level. I will be open about my experience. It was the loneliest, scariest thing I’d ever done. But in that place … a ray of.. read more →

Happy New Year!!!!

Here is to a MIND BOGGINGLY SPECTACULAR Year!!!! I believe it with ALL my Heart, now let’s DANCE!!!! read more →

Picture Updates

I have finally managed to take time out and move some of the pictures and videos from AE’s facebook page to the website. As I go through them there’s a genuine welling up of PURE JOY from mine innermost parts. I can not explain it it’s that sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming. I am.. read more →

August Recap

It’s been a while!!!! First of all…I will announce that I have completed Semester 2 (based on my assignment submissions). I handed my last assignment in yesterday and I am glad. I can’t believe that it’s November already and I haven’t shared my NSW travels. It always amazes me that the workshops go so well.. read more →