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An endangered language is one that has a dwindling number of speakers. Languages are endangered when their use is replaced by the majority language of a region or when they are no longer being learned by new generations of children or adult speakers.  One method for preventing language extinction is the teaching of heritage languages in school using relevant accessible resources. Preventing language extinction is something we are capable of preventing and responsible for in order to encourage relationships and friendships particularly in Early Years Education.

Please support SPIKIT which is an Australian patented tool that will help to restore the importance of indigenous languages from Africa and Australia. It currently has content for Shona (Zimbabwe); Zulu (South Africa/Swaziland) ; Xhosa (South Africa/Swaziland); Yolŋu Matha (One of the Northern Territories Indigenous Languages in Yirrkala, Nhulunbuy, East Arnhem, Australia)  and Ndebele (One of the languages spoken in Zimbabwe) Catch these on iTunes and Google Play Store for Android.

There are supportive books on iBooks as well if a search on SPIKIT is carried out in the catalogue.

Facebook Page for Spikit is @spikitpoint1


Our Commitment

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to communicate to you how we manage, collect, deal with, protect and allow access to personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (the APPs).  We understand the importance placed on the privacy of your personal information. We will endeavour to make you aware of the contents of this Privacy Policy before or as soon as reasonably practicable after collecting any personal information about you.

We may be contacted at any time at 3TSMANN3@GMAIL.COM

Digital Product Privacy Policy

Version 2016 (AU)

Spikit, Warrnambool, South West Victoria, Australia, respects the privacy rights of its users and recognises the importance of protecting their Personal Information. This Digital Product Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) provides information relating to the collection, use and privacy of Personal Information you submit through the Digital Product.

Spikit complies with the Privacy Act 1982 (“the Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles (“the APPs”) in relation to the collection, use, security of and access to Personal Information. In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” has the same meaning as in the Act.

If you register a license for a Digital Product to your user account and consent to this Privacy Policy, you agree that your Personal Information is collected, processed and used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you register a license for a Digital Product to your user account and consent to this Privacy Policy on behalf of your child, you agree that the Personal Information of your child is collected, processed and used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Words and expressions in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as in the End User License Agreement for the Digital Product.

1 Summary

In particular, you agree that

We may collect and store information about your person (such as country of residence, date of birth and gender); information related to the device you use (such as IP address, MAC address, serial number, internet connection settings); or information about your transactions in the Digital Product and information about the way you use the Digital Product we may use the collected information to provide to you content and services available via the Digital Product and, in particular, share information with other users if the Digital Product offers online communication functionalities and you have chosen to participate in them;

we may use the collected information in the aggregated form for demographical and statistical analysis so that we can improve and optimise our content, products and services; we may use the collected information for marketing and market research purposes, so that content and services available via the Digital Product and other online functionalities can be tailored to meet your needs and to enable customised recommendations, advertising and offers displayed to you via the Digital Product and other online functionalities. You can opt out of this use of your information at any time by not recording your name on the score section in the level 4 quiz.

Normally, Spikit does not collect Sensitive Information (as defined in the Act) it will only do so as specifically permitted by the APPs, we may share the collected information with other language entities located in Australia, the European Economic Area and United States.

You do not have to provide Personal Information to Spikit.

2 What Information We Collect

When you have done the quiz it is up to you to enter a name next to the score.

2.3 Information Related to Your Use of the Digital Product

To enable you to enjoy all features of your Digital Product, we process the data related to your activities, such as the nickname, appearance and profile of the character representing you in the Digital Product, alphanumeric codes assigned to your user account, friends and favourites that you registered, other users you played with, User-Generated Content that you uploaded, posted or otherwise made available via the Digital Product, your online presence information, and other data specific to the feature of the Digital Product that you use. We may also collect your activity history data such as which features of the Digital Product you used, at what times you played, your level, score and in-game location, as well as crash reports.


2.4 Cookies and Similar Technologies

Websites and online functionalities offered by Spikit may/may not use cookies and other similar technologies. Cookies are small files downloaded to your device. Cookies help us to ensure the safety and smooth functionality of our services (security cookies and session cookies) and to collect information about the preferences of our users in order to make our online offers more attractive for the users (tracking cookies).

Spikit may combine information received via such cookies with information of your Digital Product.

3.1 Providing the Service

The information we collect is used to set up the connection of your device with Spikit servers, to enable your use of the Digital Product and to process activities and requests that you make via the Digital Product.

5 Disclosure of Information

Spikit may disclose information about you: to government, law enforcement and regulatory bodies where this is necessary for Spikit to comply with its legal obligations; and to other organisations with which Spikit has a business relationship (including other companies), where such organisations have agreed to treat. Personal Information in accordance with the Act and the APPs, and this Privacy Policy, including Spikit of Australia Pty Limited (your local office), GmbH. Spikit may also use third-party data processors acting in the interest of Spikit to administer and process your information strictly in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

6 Safeguarding your Personal Information

Spikit will take reasonable steps to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the Personal Information which it collects. This includes appropriate measures to protect electronic materials
and materials in hard copy. Spikit will take reasonable steps to assure that third parties to whom Spikit transfers any Personal Information will provide sufficient protection of that Personal Information.

7 Access to, Correction and Deletion of Information

Spikit will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Information which Spikit collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

You can access or correct the information you provided in the settings of your Digital Product. You can delete your information at any time by selecting “Delete save data” (which can be found in the Digital Product by selecting “Menu”, selecting “Settings” and selecting “About this App”), by filling out and sending a feedback form on the Digital Product, or otherwise communicating by a method designated by Spikit. Your data will be deleted, unless we are required or permitted to retain it by law.

8 Complaints and further information

If you have any complaints about Spikit’s privacy practices, would like further information or would like to do any of the things listed in section 8 of this Privacy Policy please fill out and send the feedback form on the Digital Product or otherwise communicate by a method designated by Spikit.

Spikit will review and investigate your complaint and communicate their findings and any proposed remedial action to you.

9 Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please fill out and send the feedback form on the Digital Product.