13 Apr 2019

YMCA Bendigo!!!

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This session was one in a million as it was during the school holidays and had a huge age range 5yo to 12yo. It was a challenge which amazingly I believe I rose to. Have you ever done something or are you always doing things that you sometimes think you can not do but end up SMASHING the tasks beautifully? Since 2007 its been that way with AE and this time was no different. As the children entered and sat I had a HUGE smile on my face and my heart was excited and terrified. The power of differentiation and meeting every childs needs autonomously even surprised me!!! I engaged with ALL of the children adequately and Effectively. I had encouraging feedback. This venue had two sessions and I was blessed to facilitate and enjoyed contributing to the children and listening to their fascinating  ideas and mainly questions.

It was such an enormous pleasure which I REALLY enjoyed. Every second of order, dance, awesome chaotic role-play was a gift and I am privileged and glad to have been of service.

Thank you Bendigo YMCA.